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Z Total Body Class Descriptions

AWESOME ABS - A variety of exercises concentrating on abdominals, obliques and lower back muscles. A strong core will keep your musculoskeletal system in the best posture and function effectively and efficiently. Leave feeling like you just rocked your core to sleekness. Plus, would you do 30 intense minutes of Abs at home?

BARRE TONE - Sequence of upper body exercises using light free weights to target bicep, tricep, shoulder, chest and back muscles. Moving to a series of ballet barre and floor exercises that focus on the thighs. Core and posture is worked throughout the workout. Every exercise includes active stretching to elongate the targeted muscles.

CIRCUIT CHALLENGE - Only class that has body challenging exercises to push yourself to the limit with TRX, Battle Ropes, Bosu, Sled push, Agility Ladder, Big Ball Throws, Climb 15' rope and hang from Gymnastic Rings and so much more. Each circuit station is timed with cardio spurts to leave you with a full body, heart pumping workout! Never the same and never a dull moment!

EXPRESS CIRCUIT CHALLENGE - Timed circuit stations challenging every muscle group from head to toe, through body conditioning. Circuit training can improve muscular endurance, strength and aerobic fitness. Work-IT Circuit!

FIT & FABULOUS OVER 50+ - Functional fitness is key, especially as we age. Variety of chair exercises, stretches for flexibility, balance, strength with light weights, bands, Pilate rings and balls. Work on balance with security of a chair or barre work. Fun hour of socializing, singing, talking and laughing while working the mind and body all through fitness moves for all levels.

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - 45 minutes of a pattern of exercises repeated back to back, and over and over again. Short intense workout, using full body to improve athletic capacity and conditioning. Great calorie and fat burner!

HIP HOP CARDIO - Everybody Dance Now! Cardio moves that feel like a dance party. No worries if you can't dance, moves are kept simple, yet funky! Too much fun to end in 30 minutes.

INTENSE RESISTANCE - 45 min class for the lower body, to tone and tighten the hamstrings and booty with the use of resistance bands - long and short. We don't forget the biceps, triceps and shoulders with the bands, those get hit hard to firm and shape up the upper body, with a variety of moves. If you are looking for a quick intense muscular development class, this is for you.

KICK CARDIO - Total body high intensity workout consists of cardio drills, using kick bags, gloves, hit pads and kick pads. Performing jabs, punches, hooks, upper cuts & kicks to burn fat and tone muscles. Major core work in every class!

MUSCLE & ABS - Combination of free weights, resist-a-bands and more fitness toys to tone every muscle head to toe. As core work is incorporated to enhance proper posture, decrease back discomfort and strengthen abdominals and back muscles. All in just 30 minutes!

MUSCLE CONFUSION - In 30 minutes, you'll ask yourself "What just happened?" Every muscle worked with free weights, tubes, bands to strengthen and tone the full body. Got 30 minutes? Want muscle? This is the class for you!

OUTDOOR FIT - Enjoy the outdoors, sunshine and conversation, as you jump rope, hoop it up, throw medicine balls, and sculpt and tone with resist-a-bands. We even use the curb and parking lot for outdoor gym space. Wear your sunscreen and sunglasses!

PILATES with PROPS - Using every fitness toy possible, to create good posture, increase core strength, flexibility and agility. Every muscle will be stretched by the end of class.

POWER Flex & Strength - Combines flexibility training & yoga postures into a physical workout. It gives immediate flexibility and strength gains, takes the pain out of stretching and protects against overstretching injury. It's a powerful 30 minute stretch routine for the entire body, that will challenge you and break a sweat.

YOGA - Proven to decrease stress and increase overall health, balance, flexibility, focus, stamina and strength. Welcome new yoga or experienced members looking to practice breath and body awareness.

TRAMP FIT - Jump, like if you were a kid again, but only this time, losing inches, building strength and endurance. Personal 36" trampolines used to work lower body with low impact bounce moves which are fun, exhilarating and aerobically effective. Upper body moves are worked with the safety bar, so no fear of falling off the trampoline. This is the new form of strength training, that anyone can participate at any level. Measure your waist, backside and thighs, so you can see the results yourself. Bounce it away!

BUTTS, GUTS & MUSCLE CONFUSION - The Dealer (instructor) passes out playing cards and the mystery fitness fun begins! Combination of butts, guts and muscle happens at a quick pace when the member turns over their card and exercise is performed. Everyone comes out a Winner!

YOGA FUSION - Be prepared to lengthen and strengthen your muscles as you relax yourself into a sense of calm. Yoga inspired stretches to increase strength, balance, range of motion and flexibility, while using breathing to energize your muscles through the moves. Any level is welcome.